Dr. Deborah D’almeida:

Born as Deborah Christy D’almeida to Mrs.Jacintha Almeida and Mr.James Almeida, as their first offspring, on the 25th of December, this bundle of talents was easy to fall in love with.

Deborah did her primary schooling at Cluny Convent in Bangalore and Carmel school, Mangalore. She pursued her high school studies at St.Ann’s therafter moving to St.Aloysius PU College. She excelled in academics right from school, always making it to among the toppers of the batch. Her brilliance is exemplified by the fact that she cleared the class 10 and PU board exams with distinction and successfully secured MBBS seat at AJ Institute of Medical Sciences.

She has always been an all rounder. Deborah is very systematic and methodical, that's what makes her tick, be it in curricular or extra curricular activities. A fantastic organiser, she was always sought after by her classmates for her organisational skills and guidance. Public speaking comes naturally to her. She's taken part in many debate and elocution competitions, compered events and won quite a few. I know that I've lost the argument even before I've started it ;) . She also delivered the Response of the Graduates on behalf of her batch, on her graduation day.

Deborah also dabbles in poetry, essay and article writing. Apart from a flair for languages, she loves drama, having won the founded prize for histrionics in school. She is a natural leader, having won the roll of honour in PUC for all round excellence and for display of exemplary leadership and has also served as secretary of the women’s forum in college days.

She's a well read person. This is reflected in the depth of her general and academic knowledge. Her tastes range from classic literature, fiction and any good reading fare. Another thing we share is our love for music. Deborah likes pop music, maybe sometimes a little hard rock (yes I introduced her to that :-P) but she's not a metal head like me.

Deborah is a very sweet girl, charming and intelligent, and very, very affectionate. She always thinks of those around her (and even ends up taking care of them) and not just of herself. She has a good heart, and it didn't take me long to realise that !.

I'd like to conclude this piece with a line from Don Williams,

"I’ve got a winner in you"